Guest Information

Dear Guest,

Welcome to the Silver Major!

It is a great pleasure to us that you visit our guesthouse, where friendly rural environment and atmosphere awaits you, the members of your family and your business partners.

Our Estate with its 38 rooms, an inn with a seat capacity of 240 people, a conference room for 150 people, and outdoor thermal and swimming pools are waiting for those who wish to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind and enter the world of peace and quiet. The pools are about 150 meters from the building and can be accessed on a dry decorative pavement. You can walk or drive there. Immerse yourself in Nature and relax on our Estate.

Silver Major is a dog and cat friendly guesthouse!

On our website, you will find detailed information about the services of our guesthouse, as well as our constantly updated and current package offers.

The venue is ideal for corporate events, team building trainings, family celebrations and wedding receptions.

I am certain that the time spent in our guesthouse will be greatly entertaining and relaxing for you and we will welcome you back as our loyal Guest in the future!

              With best regards:   

                   Lajos Tóth

            Owner/Managing Director

House Rules

  1. The House Rules apply to all the guests who stay in the guesthouse.
  2. The guesthouse is open (from 00:00 to 24:00).
  3. On the day of arrival, the rooms can be taken from 2:00 p.m. On the day of departure, please leave the room by 10 a.m. For longer stay, the guesthouse charges a surcharge, which is 2,300 HUF for every hour you have started. On the day of departure, after check out (10:00 am), you can use the guesthouses beach area until 6:00 p.m. with own bathrobe and towel.
  4. Please ensure that the guesthouses buildings are used properly, and follow the fire and accident regulations.
  5. Under the fire regulations, it is strictly FORBIDDEN to use your own electrical appliances (iron, kettle, coffee maker) in the rooms.
  6. DO NOT light a fire.
  7. In our beach area, please observe the house rules which are valid there.
  8. DO NOT remove furniture or fittings from the rooms.
  9. Any damage caused in the guesthouse must be paid by the damaging party or their legal representative.
  10. Smoking is strictly FORBIDDEN in the rooms and commos areas. Smoking is only allowed at the designated places.
  11. Guests under 18 years of age must not drink alcoholic drinks and must not smoke in the guesthouse.
  12. Please only consume the products sold by the guesthouse on the inn's premises.
  13. Please take the found items to the reception.
  14. We do not take responsibility for any personal items brought into the area of the guesthouse (e.g. jewellery). Please use the safe in the room, to preserve their values.
  15. The staff of the guesthouse must be immediately informed about any accident or other extraordinary incident.
  16. DO NOT bring any animal into the guesthouses inner area or into the guest's area. We receive small pets in certain guesthouse rooms for an extra charge.
  17. Please feel free to contact the receptionist with your suggestions and requests. Please fill in the guest questionnaires in the rooms to help our work, or evaluate your stay on the guesthouses website.

Thank you for cooperating with us so that you and the other guests can have a great time in our guesthouse.



Each room has an individually controlled air conditioner. The service is free of charge. The desired temperature can be set using the remote control or switch in the rooms. Deposit for the remote control: HUF 5,000/remote control. While you use the air conditioner, please keep the room’s doors and windows closed.


If you need an anti-slip mat in the bathroom, please contact the receptionist.


We provide on request. Please contact the receptionist with your request.


There are 2 fire places/barbecue places around the wellness area. We provide the firewood. Rent: HUF 25,000/ occasion/ fire place. Please inform the receptionist if you wish to use it.


On request, we can provide a bathrobe for a deposit of HUF 10,000/piece.


A variety of toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, etc.) are available at the reception.


The bed linen is changed at least twice a week, however, we change it daily, on request. If you need fresh bed linen, please contact our receptionist.


If you need an extra blanket or pillow, please contact the housekeeper or the receptionist. Please note that, in our guesthouse, you can choose from the following types of pillows: feather, down, foam, anti-allergenic.


Breakfast is available at the Inn (Csárda).
Our room rates include the breakfast, which is available every day from 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Our reliable and flexible partner is at your service.
For more information, please visit


The daily cleaning is between 09:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. If you do not need cleaning on a day at all, or need cleaning at a different time, please use the door hanger and hang it on the door handle facing the corridor. If you need extra cleaning, please contact the housekeeper or the receptionist.


In the guesthouse, we accept the following card types: VISA, Mastercard, SZÉP (Széchenyi Holiday) card (OTP, MKB, K&H). Please contact our receptionist for more information.


In our guesthouse, a chef with dietary skills works in all shifts; if our guests need diet food or have food intolerance, we will do our best to meet all their needs. Please contact our colleagues in the restaurant for more information.


A la carte dining is available from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM in the Hungarian-style inn at Silver Major!

Menu: Silver Major a'La Carte

Drink Menu: Silver Major Drink Menu


As shown on the escape route map placed on the inside of the room’s entrance.


There is a fire extinguisher in every room. In case of fire, please use the escape route map placed on the inside of the room door to find the nearest emergency exit, and leave the area as soon as possible.


All our rooms are equipped with a hairdryer and the hairdryers in the changing rooms of the wellness area can also be used. The use of the hairdryers is free of charge.


The Inn is equipped with high chairs.
Please contact our colleagues in the restaurant.


We provide free WIFI in the entire area of the guesthouse. Always look for the strongest sign.


We can provide on request.


Please give the found items to our receptionist.


Their use is free of charge during our opening hours of our wellness area.


The use of the direct parking lot (on asphalt and paving) belonging to the guesthouse is free of charge. DO NOT park on the grass.


In the guesthouse, we can only receive small pets for a surcharge. We can only place pets in some of the rooms on the ground floor. Please do not take your pets to the common areas!

We are unable to accommodate pets larger than 10 kg.


Available at reception upon request. After closing the inn, you can ask the security guard.


Photocopying and printing are available in the Inn (Csárda). Please ask our receptionists for the prices.


In our guesthouse, the reception service is available to our guests from 08:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The Hotel Silver**** has a 24-hour reception, please call +36 52 363-811. Should you have any problems or questions, our colleagues are at your service.


Opening hours:           breakfast: 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

                                   à la carte meals: 08:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.


In order to keep your valuables safe, please use the in-room safe; its use is included in the room rate. The instructions for the use of the in-room safe are placed next to the safe. The guesthouse is not responsible for the valuables ​​left in the room!


If you need a sewing kit, please contact the receptionist.


Hygienically packaged sponges or wipes for shoe cleaning are available on request.


If you need slippers, please contact the receptionist.
The charge of the terry slippers: HUF 1,000 /pair.


Smoking is strictly FORBIDDEN in the rooms and in the common areas! Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas.


Our guesthouse is a SZÉP CARD acceptance point. We accept the following card types: OTP, K&H, MKB. Please contact the receptionist for more information.


If you need a taxi, please inform our receptionist; our colleagues are at your service.


If you notice any technical problem in your room, please inform the receptionist. Adapter/socket suitable for international use is provided for a deposit (HUF 5,000 / piece), on request. If you need an adapter/socket, please contact the receptionist.


You can find a list of the pre-programmed TV channels using the QR code in the room. The radio is available on TV channel 1.

TV channel: LIST


Please leave the rooms by 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure. Depending on the vacancy, you can request an extension of the room's use (late check out) at the recetion for a surcharge of HUF 2,300 / each hour started. On the day of departure, the wellness area of the guesthouse can be used until 6:00 p.m. with own bathrobe and towels.


Total Resort Fee: 300 HUF / person / night over 18 years


In the rooms, we provide towels for our guests. Towels are for in-room use, please do not take them to the wellness area. Towels are changed every 3 days. For other requests, please contact the maid or the reception.


You can request wake-up service by phone at the reception of Hotel Silver****, please call: +36 52 363-811.

If you have any further questions or requests, please contact the colleagues of the guesthouse, they are happy to assist you.

Mandatory fire safety regulation

for the users of services

- suites -

  1. The guest rooms, the anterooms and other rooms (hereinafter: rooms) may only be used if the fire safety rules for the intended purpose, as specified in the start-of-use, operation, and site permits are complied with.
  2. Flammable solid and combustible materials are kept in the rooms - furniture, furnishings, clothing, bedding, etc. Due to the presence of combustible materials, SMOKING IS strictly FORBIDDEN in the rooms! Smoking is only allowed in the designated area marked with the sign "SMOKING AREA" and its pictogram. Butt collector and ashtray must be provided in the smoking area.
  3. The use of candles and incenses is strictly prohibited in the rooms of the suite.
  4. The rooms must be kept tidy and clean at all times, any combustible material and waste generated during any activity must be cleaned up and removed once the activity has ended.
  5. The traffic and, in case of fire, escape routes and internal connecting doors in the rooms must not be narrowed down or blocked, even temporarily.
  6. Only the furnaces and heating equipment of approved type, in perfect technical condition and central heating may be used in the rooms.
  7. The electrical network, its fittings and equipment (switches, sockets, extension cords, lights, etc.) of the rooms, the devices and their mode of installation and connection, and the degree of their protection shall comply with the fire safety requirements arising from the moderately flammable and dry nature of the rooms.
  8. Any damaged electrical fittings, equipment or appliances that may cause fire or accident must not be used and must be repaired immediately by an electrician. Only electrical networks, fittings, equipment and devices in perfect technical condition are allowed to be used!
  9. Any electrical equipment, appliances and the room lighting must be switched off after use, at the end of the daily activities or when one leaves the room. This requirement does not apply to the devices that are designed for continuous operation due to their intended purpose. The stand-by mode of the electronic and IT devices is also considered switched-off mode.
  10. Ad-hoc fire-hazardous activities (e.g. welding or other work involving open flames and sparks) may only be carried out in the rooms once a written permit has been issued!
  11. On a daily basis or after the current use of the rooms, and before leaving them completely, the users (students) and the employees supervising them are obliged to inspect the entire area of the rooms and immediately eliminate any abnormal cause and circumstances that may cause fire once they leave the rooms.
  12. It is allowed to start fire at the established open-air fire places by observing the following rules:
  • before starting the fire, any leaves and tree branches must be removed from the area around the fire place to prevent the fire from spreading;
  • the burning fire, hot embers and ashes must not be left unattended;
  • one should be prepared to put out the fire if the wind rises, one must ensure that there is suitable material and/or equipment for extinguishing the fire at hand (e.g. water, sand, shovel), and after use, the fire should be extinguished carefully, one must make sure that it is put out, and, before leaving, preferably soil should be put on the ashes.

The above fire safety regulations must be complied with!